Better Safe Than Sorry Coverage

for Äike Subscription

Applicable from 23.05.2023


These Coverage terms are considered as an Annex to the Terms and Conditions applicable for the Äike Subscription. The Coverage can be purchased according to the price list prior to choosing a Subscription Model.


Coverage period This Coverage policy is valid 12 months from purchase. 
Coverage territory The protection is valid for users residing in the following regions: European Union, Great Britain, EFTA countries.
Covered items Vehicles (electric scooters) provided by purchasing the Äike Subscription.
Covered instances: 
Burglary, the protected item is compensated for damage caused by: – theft of an protected item by breaking into a building or premises. Burglary is defined as breaking into a building or territory through a barrier, fence or lock, including breaking the building, breaking the building’s lock or tampering with the building’s lock, using a false key or an illegally obtained key. 

– theft of the protected item from an unlocked room, yard or street, except during local time between 00:00 and 06:00, if the protected item is not under the direct supervision of the user. The time limit does not apply to a fenced private yard with a closed gate; damage or destruction of the protected object during burglary, including theft, in the event that the electric scooter has become unusable.

Theft, compensation is paid for damage to the protected item caused by: – taking away the protected item by physical violence or threats thereof; 

– damage or destruction of the protected object during robbery in case the electric scooter has become unusable. 

Terms of the Coverage
Notifying of an protected event Protection coverage for burglary, including theft and robbery, requires notification and a statement made to the police by the User of the electric scooter. 

The user of the electric scooter must inform Äike about the protected event, but no later than within 24 hours from the occurrence of the event. Äike will switch off the electric scooter via its own system (IoT) immediately after the relevant notification.

In case the User fails to inform Äike about an protected event during 48 hours, the Coverage will become invalid.

Validity of Coverage The Coverage is valid only when the User adheres to all the terms and conditions, and the terms of the Coverage, including the notification period of an protected event. 

In case the User does not exercise proper care when handling (i.e. does not lock the Vehicle when unattended or leaving the Vehicle unattended for long periods of time, etc.) the Vehicle and such instances result in the theft of the Vehicle, Coverage becomes invalid. 

Replacement Fee
In case of a protected event such as described in these Coverage Terms, the User must pay 200 euros as a personal replacement fee, if the Vehicle has been subject to theft and/or robbery. 
Other Provisions
In case of questions regarding this Coverage, handling of personal data, or any other questions regarding the Subscription or other Services provided by Äike Mobility, please contact


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